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Caterpillar adds to its rollcall of rollers with the CB13, 15, 16

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Triple tandem time for Caterpillar: the new CB13, CB15 and CB16 compactors
All three of Caterpillar’s newest production class tandem vibratory rollers  models can be equipped with an oscillatory vibration system.

The new models - CB13, CB15, and CB16, designated according to operating weigh – also offer refinements to the operator controls, water spray system, service access and lighting packages.

Many of these technological enhancements are provided through the Cat Compaction Control option. Pass-Count and Temperature Mapping systems combine infrared temperature sensors with GPS mapping to keep the operator informed of current mat temperatures, machine position, pass-count and pass coverage.

This intuitive system greatly enhances night rolling pattern performance, and records information for future process analysis and quality control documentation. When combined with drum edge and drum surface lighting, Cat Compaction Control helps extend the workday and increase daily production by optimising jobsite awareness in low-light conditions.

Machine-to-machine communication is another technological enhancement that improves job site efficiency. The system helps keep rolling patterns synchronised by sharing mapped data such as CMV, temperature mapping, coverage area and pass-count maps between the displays of multiple machines.

These compactors offer a variety of vibratory options including Oscillatory Vibration, Dual Amplitude, Dual Frequency, Versa Vibe and Five Amplitude systems.

The Versa Vibe system creates a 2-in-1 machine with four amplitudes and two frequencies. Caterpillar says that this versatile system provides two settings for lighter hitting and higher working speeds on thin lifts. There are also two settings for heavier hitting and slower speeds on thick lifts or those with challenging mixes.

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From bike paths to road shoulders, Caterpillar's CB1.7 and CB1.8
The five-amplitude system offers the widest range of amplitudes with a single frequency, while the two amplitude, two frequency system offers simple thin lift, thick lift compaction with the flip of a switch. These industry proven vibratory systems are now complimented by the combination of vertical vibration in the front drum and Oscillatory vibration in the rear drum.

Caterpillar has also bolstered its offering in the utility class with two new rollers – the CB1.7 and CB1.8, designated, again, according to operating weight. Typical applications include bike paths, courtyards, patchwork, parking lots, driveways, town centres and highway shoulder work.

Simple operating features include toggle-type switches for quick and easy activation of machine functions. The mechanical propel lever provides quick reaction for precise control, while vibrant LED lights on the console simplify operation in low light conditions.

The single point lifting option and durable hitch design makes hoisting these machines onto transports quick and easy. The foldable ROPS option provides a short height and enables the machine to move under and around low structures when performing compaction procedures.

The high amplitude vibratory system combined with large diameter drums and the exclusive, eccentric weight design delivers excellent compaction performance. With automatic activation and front or both drum vibratory capabilities, this machine provides the results that job sites require.

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