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Carlson developing paver range

First publishedin World Highways
2015 September
US firm Carlson is best known for its screeds, which are used by a wide range of paver manufacturers in the US. However Carlson, part of the Astec Group, is also a manufacturer of asphalt pavers. The firm recently broadened its line-up with the addition of another compact paver model, the CP75. This new model shares a number of features with the existing CP100 from Carlson.

Built at the firm’s facility in Tacoma in Washington State, the Carlson CP75 is said to offer high reliability and performance in an economical platform.

The CP75 is said to be built to meet the needs of operators, with features such as clear lines of sight around the machine for better safety and paving performance. Power comes from a Tier 4 Interim compliant Cummins diesel rated at 55kW and which is said to deliver good fuel economy and torque. This powers the machines through a two-speed planetary drive and allows the machine to cope with a wide range of job sites.

The CP75 is said to be heavily built to cope with difficult working conditions and features long-life components. It has hard wearing conveyor floor plates that are replaceable, as well as heavy-duty conveyor chains and slats, thick hopper wings and hardened steel auger flights.

Service and maintenance to the CP75 are said to be easy due to the layout, with a one-piece forward tilting hood, along with an access panel in the hopper, providing access to the engine compartment and hydraulics.

With a hopper capacity of 7.2tonnes, the CP75 can pave further between loads from trucks or skid steer loaders than rival models, according to the firm, helping to boost productivity. Another novel feature is with the horizontal sliding damper doors, which gives 25.4cm of ground clearance below the auger box while allowing for narrow width paving from 0-102mm by closing the damper doors.

The screed meanwhile has features such as adjustable deck cones, full length element hold downs, adjustable slide track system and spring-loaded endgates. The newest variant of the electrically heated EZC screed platform, the EZC813, comes standard on the CP75. Giving operators a standard paving width of 2.44-3.96m, the EZC813 is built with sophisticated electric heating elements to provide even heat across the main and extension screed plates. The single slide, adjustable extension support system of the EZC813 is said to provide rigidity at all widths. Also available for the CP75 is the EZC815 screed for paving 2.44-4.57m.

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