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Trakm8 signs telematics contract with Colas’s Czech operations

First publishedin World Highways
June 2018
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Colas Czech signs deal with Trakm8 for machinery asset management
The Czech division of French civil engineering group Colas will install Trakm8 vehicle use and GPS tracking systems on at least 1,000 vehicles and machines.   

Installation of the telematics will take place over three years in an effort to improve day-to-day management of its assets and reducing fuel consumption. Colas will hook up cars and construction machinery such as excavators, cranes and asphalt pavers so data is collected on GPS positions within  certain sites, hourly utilisation reports and fuel consumption measurement.  

In particular, the Czech division will monitor driver behaviour and collect data on remote vehicle diagnostics for its 250-strong car fleet.

The division already uses a multitude of telematics service providers but is looking to set up Trakm8 as their primary supplier by the end of the three-year deal, said Petr Dvořák, Colas operations manager in the Czech republic.   

Jon Law, managing director of insurance and automotive at Trakm8, said that Trakm8 Asset uses rugged devices ideal for the outdoor environments of Colas’s [Czech-based] vehicles.  

A year ago, Trakm8 announced that it had signed a GPS tracking deal with French construction equipment manufacturer Mecalac for 2,000 units over three years. Along with being a deterrent to plant theft, the technology – branded as Capture - includes full ECU integration, enabling engineers to perform remote diagnostics and plan proactive maintenance. They also have the ability to geo-fence machinery, helping to prevent unauthorised use.  

Capture uses Trakm8’s latest generation T10 telematics device manufactured at the group’s facility in the West Midlands, UK. Mecalac is installing T10s on its production line in Coventry, UK, using automotivestandard processes developed by Trakm8, explained John Watkins, executive chairman of Trakm8.

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