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12 September 2017

Colombia’s transport plan is seeing the road network expand

First publishedon www.WorldHighways.com
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Bogota panorama
Colombia's capital Bogota will benefit from new transport links to the rest of the country
Colombia's strong focus on infrastructure development from 2011-2017 has seen the country make vast improvements to its road network. In all the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) has invested US$7.94 billion in the construction of 1,435km of new roads as well as over 200 new bridges. Colombia’s capital Bogota has benefited from a series of transport projects during this period. Meanwhile four highway projects will improve Bogota’s connections with the rest of the country. The Autopista Norte and Carrera Septima road projects will boost traffic capacity in the north of Bogota while the upgrade to the ALO link and Bogota-Girardot connections will improve links to the south of the country.
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