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06 February 2019

Israel project tenders opening

First published06/02/2019
A new report from Germany’s federal transport ministry has highlighted the problem of bridge wear in the country. According to the report, just 13% of Germany’s road bridges and bridge sub-structures are in good or very good condition. The report evaluated the condition of 39,600 road bridges and 51,600 bridge sub-structures and in 12% of cases, these structures do not have sufficient load-bearing capacity for the stresses they have to cope with. The report highlights also the worsening condition of the bridge infrastructure as in 2005, 18% of bridges and sub-structures were in good or very good condition.

Some 30% of key bridge links have been improved, while plans are in hand to improve other important bridges. In all, improving the bridges and sub-structures is expected to cost around €9.3 billion, with this programme due to last until 2030. However, further works will be required in the future to ensure bridge condition continues to meet necessary standards.

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