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12 October 2017

Norway-Russia road connection improvement

First publishedon www.WorldHighways.com

An improved road link will boost transport between Norway and Russia. The two countries have already spend around US$160 million to upgrade the road link that connection between the two. A 25km stretch is connecting Norway’s Sor-Varanger municipality with Russia’s Pechengsky District in the Murmansk Region. This is providing a shorter road route between Kirkenes in Norway and the important port of Murmansk in Russia and will help boost transport and trade between the two countries, as well as for Finland. Construction has taken around 36 months and the new link includes a 250m long bridge and 690m long tunnel on the Norwegian side. Around $100 million has been spent building the Norwegian stretch of the road link with some $60 million being spent by the local authorities in the Murmanks Region. Work on a further 28km stretch of the road has yet to be finished to complete improvements to the road connection all the way to Murmansk.

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