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Wheeled loaders working hard in tough conditions

First publishedin World Highways
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Despite working in severe Arctic winter conditions, the XCMG wheeled loaders have proven reliable for the Russian customer
Wheeled loaders from XCMG are working hard in two extremely tough applications, in Russia and Mongolia

Both of these extraction operations require the equipment to work long hours and often in extremes of climate.

In the Xilin Gol League of Inner Mongolia, the XCMG wheeled loaders are working at a surface extraction operation. The site has been extremely productive, achieving a production capacity of over 22 million tonnes in the 10 years since it started.

The operation has always opted to use XCMG loaders. It has purchased nearly 70 machines so far, 15 of which are XCMG's large-tonnage LW800K loaders.

The operation is located 1000m above sea level where weather conditions can be extremely harsh, with temperatures as low as -41oC in the winter, and higher than 40oC in the summer. Additionally, due to the high volumes of product, the equipment has to keep running for 24 hours non-stop every day. "The equipment's performance and quality can only be attested under such extreme weather and working conditions, where the XCMG LW800K loader has proved itself," said director Xue.

"Each day we operate for 24 hours non-stop. Apart from the time spent on driver shift changes and regular maintenance, the loaders have to operate for 20 to 21 hours each day. In less than five years, these XCMG LW800K loaders have all been used for over 35,000 hours." Xue was full of praises when talking about XCMG loaders.

The site is located in a remote area. To make sure the 15 LW800K loaders function well, XCMG provided on-site services for the users. "We rely entirely on the 15 XCMG 8tonne loaders to load all the coal in our mine into trucks. On average, each loader has to load around 60,000tonnes each day.”

Xue added that despite the high output and tough climate conditions, the machines deliver a high rate of serviceability due to their rugged construction and reliable service back-up.

Meanwhile at a massive extraction operation in Russia located in the Arctic, an XCMG LW1200K wheeled loader and two XCMG DL900A wheeled bulldozers have been working reliably for over 20,000 hours, despite the freezing winter climate.  

The cold weather poses challenges to the operation of construction machinery. Moreover, extraction companies are hoping to find ways to increase the equipment yields and, at the same time, reduce their costs. The performance of the XCMG LW1200K, the largest wheeled loader made in China, in this harsh application has convinced the customer it made the correct decision in buying units from the manufacturer. Availability has been good and high utilisation rates have been achieved. Moreover, the customer has been impressed by other factors such as the visibility from the cabs and the low working noise, as well as the good wear life of the 6.5m3 heavy-duty bucket. The customer commented that the heavy-duty bucket teeth and side cutters have enhanced the bucket’s abrasive resistance as well. Meanwhile the machine’s long wheelbase has allowed it to operate safely while carrying heavy loads in the application.

Fuel efficiency is also said to have been good too, despite the tough working conditions and the heavy loads the three XCMG machines have to contend with. This has helped lower running costs, while dependable service back-up has also assisted in achieving the high utilisation, according to the customer.

With over 20,000 hours of operation, the three XCMG wheeled loaders have withstood the harsh environment at Russia's largest surface extraction operation in the Arctic. The customer has been particularly impressed by factors such as the performance, stability, fuel economy and maintainability of the heavy-duty XCMG machines.

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