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Chicago Pneumatic scores breaker supply deal in Qatar

First publishedin World Highways
July August 2017
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RX breakers are being used in road construction and excavation projects in Qatar

Chicago Pneumatic has supplied a major order of hydraulic breakers to Rock Fall Contracting WLL (RFC), a key civil engineering and earthmoving specialist based in Doha, Qatar.

The firm has augmented its fleet of Chicago Pneumatic rig-mounted hydraulic breakers with the addition of new RX8 and RX54 units. The breakers are destined for use in demanding applications within the programme of infrastructure projects for Qatar’s hosting of the IAAF World Athletics Championship in 2019 and the World Cup in 2022.

RX breakers have already proven essential in excavation operations along a 4 m stretch of Qatar’s GTC 600 project that is connecting four mega reservoirs with the aim of irrigating the Northern half of the country. RFC used a combination of RX26, RX46 and RX54 breakers to excavate to a width of 6-10 metres and depth of 4-10m, and has successfully completed 2.2 million m3 of earth works in 16 months.

RFC has also deployed RX breakers in the execution of the New Orbital Highway-3 (NOH3) project for the construction of a 56km highway comprising six light lanes for car and three heavy lanes for trucks, as part of the development programme for the 2022 World Cup. This project is designed to keep heavy trucks out of Doha city to avoid traffic jams during rush hours and international events. Shaukat Ali, chief operations officer for RFC in Doha said, “RX breakers have helped us reach daily production levels of 8,000m3 and will be in operation until the end of the project in 2018.”  

RFC’s latest order called for two RX8 light hydraulic breakers, primarily for road construction applications, plus two of Chicago Pneumatics’ largest heavy-duty units, the RX54, which features a service weight 4.2tonnes, fits carrier weights up to 70tonnes and can deliver an impact rate of up to 800bpm. This makes it ideal for heavy demolition, rock excavation and quarry applications.

Benefits of RX-series breakers include a power boost feature that harnesses recoil energy to achieve greater breaking performance without requiring additional hydraulic input. They also feature efficient gas/oil hybrid technology and advanced noise and vibration damping systems. In addition, for even greater durability in demanding applications, the latest models include a reinforced breaker box design with rock claws for better wear protection. 

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