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Chinese-built Liebherr excavators

First publishedin World Highways
May 2017
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The Liebherr R 922 crawler excavator being used for earthmoving works at the Meibei Lake construction project close to the town of Xi'an

The first Chinese-built Liebherr R 922 crawler excavators for low regulated markets are now operating in China. The firm has developed three machines weighing from 20-25 tonnes specifically for customers in low regulated markets.

The R 922 crawler excavator sits in the middle of this three-model range, which also includes the R 920 and R 924, and one of the first units from the series is being used for earthmoving work in China. The machine meets the Stage IIIA/ Tier 3/CHINA III emissions, which allows it to use lower quality fuels available in many emergent territories. The Chinese firm Xi’an Tianyi Earth-moving bought the R 922 after being convinced by its productivity, fuel economy and long service intervals. Meeting the requirements of customers from low regulated markets, these machines are specifically based on tried-and-tested European standards. The machine now owned by Xi’an Tianyi Earth-moving has been operating since August 2016.  This excavator is one of the first machines from the new model series operating in China. The new R 922 crawler excavator is carrying out earthmoving work at the Meibei Lake construction project close to the city of Xi’an. On the jobsite the machine’s main tasks are excavating soil from the bottom
of a drained lake and then loading the trucks removing the wet material. Having already undertaken more than 700 hours of operation in four months, the excavator has impressed its new owner with high operating speed, low fuel consumption and low maintenance time.

Xi’an Tianyi Earth-moving’s new R 922 crawler excavator is equipped with a 5.7m boom, a 2.9m stick, a 1.1m3 bucket and an LC undercarriage. Driven by a Cummins diesel with an output of 110kW, the machine’s performance is said to outstrip other machines in the contractor’s fleet.

The machine has positive control, dual circuit hydraulics that are said to enable the machine to operate smoothly, comfortably and productively at high work speeds. Combined with a large fuel tank available for this size class and low fuel consumption at only 13 litres/working hour, all the client’s expectations have been met.

The R 922 has shown itself to be cost-effective and is in operation on the construction site for up to 70 hours/week in 10- to 12-hour shifts and loads more than 200 trucks/day.

Another factor improving productivity is maintenance. All machines in the new model series benefit from a revised and simplified maintenance concept, which increases machine availability. The batteries, all filters and most centralised lubrication points are accessible from ground level, allowing daily maintenance and checks to be quickly carried out. An optional automatic lubrication system reduces servicing time while ensuring lubrication of the excavator. Service intervals are extended to minimise the machine’s downtime and reduce costs. This includes the interval for changing the hydraulic oil, which can be up to 3,000 hours, or the interval for changing the engine oil, which is every 500 hours. With 30 employees, Xi’an Tianyi Earth-moving operates a quarry in Fuping County situated to the north of the city and is currently involved in two different construction projects simultaneously. The Meibei Lake project, where the R 922 is operating, will be completed by 2021.

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