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Improved drilling rig from Atlas Copco

First publishedin World Highways
2015 September
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Atlas Copco new drill rig
Atlas Copco said that its new drill rig is productive and versatile
Atlas Copco said that its new FlexiROC T25 R drill rig is highly versatile and productive. Designed for hole diameters of 45–57mm, the rig can also be used in the 38–64 mm range. The drill offers the benefits of the larger FlexiROC T30 R but with the COP 1435 rock drill, which is matched to small-hole drilling tasks. COP 1435 is a high-frequency rock drill equipped with a double dampening system to ensure long life for both shank adapters and drill rods.

Although developed initially for the Scandinavian market, the FlexiROC T25 R will be available worldwide.

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