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Novel machines for utilities work

First publishedin World Highways
April 2017
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Bomag paver
Using a BOMAG paver has allowed South African contractor Kwa Mhlanga to boost efficiency
Some of the latest BOMAG compaction and paving machines are being used to handle operations more efficiently in South Africa. The Kwa Mhlanga Group is now using innovative technology from BOMAG as an opportunity to look for gaps in the market.

One key to this business development has been the introduction of the BMP 8500 multipurpose compactor from BOMAG, while another has been the use of the BOMAG BF 800 P paver.  

Due to its interest in technological advances, particularly in the European market, the Kwa Mhlanga Group commissioned dealer Bell Equipment to import the BOMAG BMP 8500 multipurpose compactor to South Africa. Equipped with a remote control, this unit is well-suited for work on trenches and sewer line constructions, or where high demands are placed on mobility, manoeuvrability and simple operation. Francois Bakkes, director operations of the Kwa Mhlanga Group, said, “Working in deep trenches as our staff sometimes are forced to, we are always aware of possible cave-ins. This remote operated BOMAG compactor allows the operator to stand above the trench out of harm’s way and have a better view of where the machine works.”

With the first unit having proven its worth the contractor bought six more and these remote controlled machines have boosted overall compaction efficiency, helping reduce the size of its machine fleet.

The firm is also finding innovation can help in the road construction segment and in particular in the work done between the kerbstones, which are typically laid once the sub-base course of the road has been completed. The upper levels of the road are laid afterwards which can move or damage the kerbstones. To counteract this, the Kwa Mhlanga Group bought a BOMAG BF 800 P paver. “With the Bomag paver and a mobile aggregate batching plant to feed it, we can now lay over 1,000tonnes of base material on a new road in under a day without damaging the kerbstones at the edge,” Bakkes said.

And as it has the paver in its fleet, the firm has further broadened its range of capabilities by being able to carry out asphalt paving work.

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