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Precise positioning of rocks for Dubai projects

First publishedin World Highways
July August 2017
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Sennebogen 880 EQ machines are being used for a series of major infrastructure projects in Dubai. Bilal General Transport (BGT) is using its Sennebogen machines for work that includes land reclamation, positioning stone blocks weighing up to 7tonnes with high accuracy, so that these can become part of sea defences.

BGT offers its specialised services across the United Arab Emirates and these include transportation and the supply of construction materials such as rocks, sand, aggregate and cement. The company also supplies sites with construction equipment for excavation, levelling, temporary road construction and maintenance of stockpiles and quarry management.The firm has an international team of skilled staff, from engineers to excavator operators, to take care of complex construction projects.

The project where Bilal is using its new Sennebogen 880 EQ is certainly one of the most complex in the country. The La Mer project in Dubai aims to create over 1 million m2 of new space for urban expansion. In order to achieve this, around 9 million m3 of sand and up to 6 million tonnes of rock must be moved and positioned. With a reach of 35m the Sennebogen material handler is designed to allow the precise placement of rip-rap stones to shape the new coastline. A GPS system helps position the rocks precisely even underwater and the operator can place materials with accuracy in not much more than 40 seconds.

The machine was delivered to Bilal in September 2016 by Sennebogen’s sales and service partner Swaidan Trading. The machine measures 35m in length and is fitted with a 470kW diesel and a wide undercarriage for stability. NThe upper carriage sits on a 3.3m pylon and the forward position of the cab offers the operator a good overview of the work area. In addition the machine has been given a special anti-corrosion varnish for use in ocean environments.

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