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SDLG dealer success in Oman

First publishedin World Highways
May 2018
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SDLG claims to have developed a strong presence in Oman due to its successful dealership operation
SDLG reports a strong dealer success in Oman. With the help of its local partner, SDLG claims to have become a leading player in the construction equipment market in Oman.

It has been five years since General Engineering Services (Genserv) introduced SDLG to Oman’s construction equipment market. “It was a challenge to introduce a new brand into an established market, but we used our name and reputation to promote trust in SDLG,” said Ahmed Rashed, general manager of Genserv.

“Customers want to have confidence in the accessibility of spare parts, the availability of the service people, and in the speed at which we can rectify issues with the machines,” Rashed explained. “Oman is 310,000m2 with a population of 4.4 million. Our goal at Genserv is to be accessible to all customers within 24 hours.”

Construction is the number one industry that Genserv is selling SDLG machines to in Oman, followed by quarry and aggregates. As a result, the majority of SDLG machines sold are wheeled loaders, graders and rollers. Between 2012 and 2016, Genserv’s annual sales of SDLG machines increased tenfold. However, falling oil prices put a strain on Oman’s equipment market, causing sales to fall across all of its offered brands. The result was that customers emphasised the need for more affordable, value-option machines. Rashed expects the market to rise by somewhere between 10% and 15% by the second half of 2018. He anticipates a rise in infrastructure spending, as Oman’s government has made it a priority.

The firm is optimistic and he said, “We recently sold a fleet of SDLG graders, rollers and wheeled loaders to an aggregate and quarry customer in the region. They had previously only used premium machines but had heard about the reliability of SDLG machines and decided to make the switch. It worked out really well, and they are very satisfied with the quality of the machines.”

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