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Milling control accuracy from Roadtec

First publishedin World Highways
May 2018
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Roadtec's RX-600e milling machine now comes with the Auto Cut system as standard
Roadtec is introducing a highly sophisticated Auto Cut package for its latest milling machines. The new Auto Cut system is offered as standard on the firm’s current generation RX-600 Cold Planer and is said to help boost milling efficiency, as well as increasing productivity and utilisation.

The system is said to allow milling machine operators to raise the milling machine, track over obstacles, lower back into the cut, and resume milling at same depth, without the need for reprogramming or additional delays.

Kyle Hammon, product manager for Roadtec said, “We’ve listened to the industry and we understand the challenges common obstacles present. Auto Cut is a quick and simple solution.”

Auto Cut is paired with ACE, Roadtec’s sophisticated grade and slope sensor system and uses averaging skis and end gate sensors. According to Roadtec, this new system is easy to use and requires no additional training or hardware, while making use of the heavy-duty smart cylinders on the machine. Each leg of the machine is controlled by a different sensor, gathering four data points. Roadtec says that this means the data is more accurate. The data is continuously updated and displayed, keeping the crew informed at all times.

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