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Dual speed control for the V-Maxx G2 hopper spreader from SnowEx

First publishedin World Highways
September 2017
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Storm Seeker
Storm Seeker dual-cavity lights turns night into day

SnowEx’s latest hopper spreader, the V-Maxx G2, for ice control applications includes a dual variable-speed control more compact than on previous models

The manufacturers says that the digital, self-diagnosing control unit allows independent adjustment of spinner and auger speeds, while convenient buttons offer easy control of the standard vibrator and optional accessories.

It includes an auto reverse function to easily clear auger jams. The control requires only a single four-pin wire to enter the cab, making it less obtrusive and providing more location options when mounting.

The V-Maxx G2 line-up includes eight V-box models, ranging in capacity from nearly 1,150 litres to almost 4,600 litres.

Designed for use with full-size pickups, flatbed trucks or dump-bed trucks, each spreader has a polyethylene-constructed, multi-angled material hopper that helps provide a continuous flow of material to a heavy-duty auger drive. An attached vibrator shakes the patented inverted “V” baffle to reduce material clumping and allows continuous material flow, whether spreading salt, sand or both.

For maximum material placement and control, the spinner starts at the desired speed setting on the dial, rather than blasting upon starting up. A wider operating range allows for slower speeds to provide more efficient use of materials, while high speeds are still available for servicing larger properties. Spread width is infinitely variable up to around 12m.

The V-Maxx G2 is entirely electric powered – no engines, pulleys, sprockets, belts or chains – and features a direct-drive auger transmission. Located in an enclosure on the spreader and featuring weather-resistant moulded connectors, the Fleet Flex electrical system provides a consistent electrical platform and complete fleet interchangeability between all V-Maxx G2 spreaders.

Optional accessories such as lights, strobes and pre-wet systems plug into the control module and are operated with on/off buttons on the control. Liquid tank systems for pre-wetting material are available for each model.

Other standard features include a top screen, fitted tarp and an auxiliary LED brake light. All SnowEx spreaders include a two-year parts and labour warranty.

Lighting up time

Meanwhile, SnowEx reports that its new Storm Seeker halogen headlamps offer significant durability and illumination improvements for users of SnowEx truck-plows.

Replacing SnowEx’s previous single-cavity headlamp, the Storm Seeker’s dual-cavity lamp reliably deters water ingression. The reflector-to-housing seal features a built-in vent that allows moisture to exist, but not enter.

An improved lens seal uses dual adhesive bead channels to ensure secure attachment of the lens. The lamps have passed an IPX9K pressure washing protection test. They have also passed a humidity test, thanks in part to improved venting via Gore-Tex patches.

Storm Seeker lamps allow individual cavities to be optimised for low and high beam functions. Using H9/H11 bulbs, the low beams are 17% brighter and 6% wider to put down more light in front of the plow and to the sides for safer snow plowing.

High beams are 36% brighter and illuminate 35% farther, allowing plow operators to see more of the road ahead, the manufacturer notes.

An enhanced mounting bracket design provides vibration dampening, along with better structural balance and flexibility to withstand jarring shocks and vibrations from plow tripping events and general use.

To avoid interference with the hood, the headlamp casing which is nearly 9cm shallower than the previous lamp eliminates the need for additional brackets.

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