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MB drum cutter unit for demolition project in Mexico

First publishedin World Highways
2017 November December
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A drum cutter from MB Crusher played a key role in a Mexico City demolition job
A structure in Mexico City, Mexico’s busy capital, has been demolished with assistance from a MB Crusher units, The MB-R800 drum cutter was operated by Pilotec, a Mexican contractor commissioned to do the work.

Part of an old factory was demolished. Then the basement of the new building was excavated and diaphragm walls were built to prevent the earth next to the excavated area from collapsing, using Real effective supports for the perimeter structures. These are usually used to protect areas excavated to accommodate underground floors, or as a support of bridge foundations or on the building sites for jetties and docks, as well as for the construction of deep wells.

After completing the diaphragm walls, Pilotec was left with a problem: how to eliminate all the excess material left on the wall, inert material that made it shapeless and occupied space. At this point the MB-R800 drum cutter was used. Mounted on a 20tonne Cat excavator, the drum cutter removed the excess part of the wall in as little as two weeks. So it was not necessary to construct a revetment wall, as is often the case in such worksites. No further costs were incurred.

The MB Crusher drum cutter also brought advantages in terms of productivity, safety and lower maintenance time. MB drum cutters are equipped with an integrated safety system which triggers if the excavator settings are not properly regulated.

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