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Astec displays its new asphalt plant developments

First publishedin World Highways
2016 October
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Astec’s asphalt plant models
Astec's asphalt plant models allow customers took walk around a site layout
The model asphalt plants that Astec takes to exhibitions around the world are built to scale and represent a notable investment, as they cost around US$400,000 to make. Varner said that eyebrows were raised when the models were commissioned but said, “The models were made by our guys in the workshop. At first it seemed like a waste. But they’ve turned out to be one of the most valuable items of real estate.”

When not being shown at exhibitions, the models reside in a special demonstration hall at the Astec factory. Varner explained that customers are brought into the hall during their training sessions at the facility and that the models provide an extremely valuable resource. He said, “You’re able to walk around and look at features of the equipment.”

With no noise in the hall, customers can be shown the relationships between the different components in a plant, as well as different plant types and discuss these with the Astec staff. “It’s been a phenomenal benefit to us,” he said. The firm is looking to further develop this area too with the use of mixed reality headsets that will allow customers to ‘walk-through’ visualisations of asphalt plants.

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