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Power Curbers performing on machine control

First publishedin World Highways
2016 October
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Power Curbers slipforming machines
Power Curbers is now benefiting from steady orders for its slipforming machines, with machines rolling out regularly from the plant
And Power Curbers based in Salisbury, North Carolina reports steady throughput at its factory. Becky Lane at Power Curbers said, “A lot of domestic customers are ordering machines now.” This improvement has come because the market for work in parking lots and housing sub-divisions in the US has seen a steady gain. Demand for new machines has increased as a result and particularly as many contractors had previously held off on purchasing new equipment. Lane said, “The markets have picked up and prices are higher.”

Of note too is that many more customers are specifying machine control tools as standard than in previous years, with systems from Topcon or Leica Geosystems proving popular. Particularly noticeable according to Lane is that the firm’s customers are buying the Power Curbers slipformers as ready for installation with the latest machine control technologies. Even those contractors that do not have machine control technologies now are acknowledging they could well purchase them in the short to mid-term future.

This is a significant development as it reveals that there is a greater acceptance of machine control systems right across the industry, including both large and small contractors. A substantial percentage of the customers for slipformers from Power Curbers are smaller firms specialising in jobs such as kerb and gutter work, rather than being large contractors with large equipment fleets that are already equipped with machine control systems.

With demand for the machine control technology proving steady, the firm has been running regular demonstrations for its customers in the area at the rear of the factory. Lane said, “We’ve had a lot of customers come and they’ve been very surprised at how precise the system is.” One customer in Alabama that carries out pedestrian walkway and kerb construction even removed the sensors allowing the machine to work from a stringline, explaining that these were no longer necessary as it now only pours when using machine control systems.

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