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Texo flying high in the UK with a Topcon Falcon 8+ UAV

First publishedin World Highways
June 2018
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Texo Drone Survey and Inspection says that it is the first company in the UK to fly the Falcon 8+ UAV system from Topcon.

The multicamera payload Topcon Falcon 8+ is the third-generation edition of the Falcon Drone system that was introduced in 2009 for aerial imaging, monitoring and mapping.  
The Topcon Falcon 8+ needs minimal pilot corrections while its GCS includes built-in automated flight functions. There is also advanced flight planning thanks to the Intel Cockpit Controller.  

The Intel Cockpit ground control is a water-resistant station built for operators to plan and execute highly complex missions with ease with the integration of the complete single hand flight control joystick. In addition, the Intel Cockpit ground control features an Intelbased tablet and also supports low-latency digital video links. This allows for up to 1080p resolution for the best possible live view.

Topcon Falcon 8+ is said to be resistant to magnetic interference and automatically compensates for wind gusts. There is also an active vibration damping system.  

Safety features include three autopilots, a redundant propulsion system as well as a redundant radio link. The Intel Falcon 8+ System is powered by a dual battery system comprised of Intel Powerpack smart batteries, bringing redundancy even to the power supply. The batteries feature automatic balancing, storage mode, charging and LEDs that display remaining battery life.  

Texo Drone’s key services range from visual inspection and thermographic survey through to detailed survey-grade LiDAR mapping and measurement, as well as multi-hyperspectral analysis. The company maintains a fleet of rotor and fixed wing UAV platforms for contracts nationally and overseas at short notice. ¬

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