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E-Z Drill’s 210B-2 SRA hits the target

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The 210B SRA concrete drill from E-Z Drill: accuracy and manoeuverability
E-Z Drill’s 210B-2 SRA concrete drill maximises accuracy in concrete drilling projects without disturbing the subgrade.

The company says that the two-gang slab-rider drill is easily manoeuverable making it ideal for drilling hundreds of holes for lane additions, airport work and full depth repair projects. Its compact frame makes the drill well suited for jobs with cramped worksites that also require drilling slabs with a range of thickness.

The 210B-2 SRA can operate within a 1.2m patch and easily drill to the centre of thick slabs, while allowing enough space for workers to move around the drill.

E-Z Drill’s roller-bearing feed system powers each drill automatically with individually tailored air pressure to suit the material being drilled. This extends the service life of the drill bit because it helps prevent the bit from bouncing against the concrete due to inadequate air pressure.
Quick-release bit guides accommodate several bit styles, including one-piece whirl bits, two-piece H-thread bits and taper steel bits. The bit guides also allow the operator to replace bits quickly to avoid prolonged downtime.

Guide wheels that help with positioning the drill during operation can be quickly flipped down and used for transporting the unit.

E-Z Drill, based in the US state of Oklahoma, offer concrete drilling and doweling equipment and manufactures slab-rider, on-grade and equipment-mounted drills with as many as five gangs as well as vertical utility models and concrete drilling accessories, such as dust-collection systems.

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