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01 February 2018

Colombia tunnel construction cost climbs

First published01/02/2018

Work on the La Linea Tunnel project in Colombia has cost considerably more than first anticipated. The National Road Institute (Invias) says that the bill so far tops US$774 million. Extra costs of around $281.5 million have been incurred due to the need to drive a pilot tunnel as well as for three additional tunnel stretches as well as bridges along the approaches to the main tunnel. The project is now expected to be complete by the end of 2018, somewhat later than originally expected. The tunnel construction has been delayed by a string of problems including more difficult than anticipated geology, work having to halt due to the project having insurance problems and a contractor running out of money. When the route is open finally it will provide a much safer link than the current mountain pass. This has a number of switchbacks and is notoriously dangerous, as well as being unable to cope with the volumes of traffic it carries at present.

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