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01 November 2018

Completion date for stretches of Vietnam’s key project

First published01/11/2018
The completion date has been announced for sections of Vietnam’s key road project. The North-South Expressway project is being built in eight stretches with the work being handled under the PPP model. Vietnam’s transport ministry is aiming for sections of the route to be built by the second quarter of 2020. Funding worth US$5.09 billion has been secured for the project.

The North-South Expressway forms a key part in Vietnam’s national road strategy. The plan also includes upgrading, improving and maintaining existing routes. The country’s Directorate for Roads intends to spend an estimated $12.86 billion over the next 10 years on renovating national highways.

Meanwhile in Dan Nang city, a new $40.8 million flyover will be built at the Tran Thi Ly Bridge junction. In addition, a two tunnel project will be driven at a junction west of Rong (Dragon) bridge. The 562m tunnels will connect Tran Phu Street with September 2 Street, as well as Bach Dang Street and September 2 Street. A tunnel for pedestrian will be part of the tunnel road and a Bus Rapid Transit station will also be built on Nguyen Van Linh Street. The flyover will be built at the junction of September 2 Street and Duy Tan Street an should be complete by 2020. A 203m steel bridge will be constructed at September 2 Street. In addition, a roundabout at ground level road and a 750m tunnel on Duy Tran street will be included in the flyover project.

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