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19 April 2018

Costs rise for revamping Amsterdam’s IJ and Piet Hein tunnels

First published19/04/2018

Costs for renovating Amsterdam’s IJ and Piet Hein tunnels are higher than expected, Dutch media report.

Renovation of the Piet Hein Tunnel will cost €35 million more than the original €85 million budgeted.

However, cost for renovating the IJ Tunnel rose only €3.6 million over the planned more than budgeted €55.1 million.

Cost increases are due mainly to upgrading of fire safety systems, according to the media.

The 1km-long IJ Tunnel, which opened in 1968, is part of a nearly 1.7km system, including external ramps and access road, that runs under the IJ, a lake that forms the waterfront of Amsterdam. The tunnel connects Amsterdam’s north and south ring roads.

The 1.9km-long Piet Hein Tunnel, also running under the IJ, was opened in 1997 and runs east-west between the city centre and the A10 ring-road. Since May 2005 also provides a tram link between the Amsterdam Centraal railway station and Haveneiland, IJburg. It was named after the Dutch naval hero Piet Hein.

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