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16 February 2018

Kenya road upgrade with asphalt surfacing

First published16/02/2018

An upgraded road link will provide improved transport connections for the towns of Ikutha, Mutomo, Kitui, Kabati and Migwani in Kenya. The road is now being surfaced with asphalt along its length, with the work costing US$182 million. This road stretch connects with the main Nairobi-Mombasa highway at Kibwezi and will provide a much needed transport upgrade for the towns it serves. The work is being carried out on Route 87 from Kibwezi to the junction at Katheka, and then along the C94 to Migwani. The C94 then connects with the main A3 highway that runs between Nairobi and Liboi, on the border with Somalia. This road improvement project will deliver a boost t economic development in the area as it is the first time sections of the route have been surfaced with asphalt in 55 years.

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