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20 October 2017

Underground stability with new shotcrete technology

First published20/10/2017
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Blastcrete's novel Mini Mate suits concreting work for tunnel jobs

Blastcrete Equipment Company says that its novel Mine Mate machine can be used to mix and pump concrete for use in tunnel sealing and stabilisation, grouting and other shotcrete applications.

The Mine Mate unit is said to boost safety in tunnelling and suits duties where and when ready-mix concrete is not an option. Featuring Blastcrete’s X-10 high-pressure swing tube pump, the Mine Mate is said to be productive, reliable, easy to operate and maintain.

The Mine Mate uses the wet-mix shotcrete process, which minimises dust emissions. The system also improves visibility, boosting safety while its compact design allows it to be used in areas with working heights of just 1.22m.

The Mine Mate includes Blastcrete’s X-10, high-pressure swing tube pump, and a high-shear continuous mixer. The unit is capable of mixing and pumping 9.4m3/hour, and can handle aggregates up to 9.5mm in diameter. Claimed to offer the highest piston face pressure in the industry at 154.7bars, it can pump material in excess of 152m, horizontally and vertically. Additionally, the hydraulic pump can run in reverse to eliminate line pressure from the delivery line should a hose plug.

Available power options include a V3600, 50kW Kubota diesel or 37kW electric motor. The machine can also be equipped with a material screw conveyor, with bin indicator for charging the continuous mixer.

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