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  • cycle and car lanes Cycle Lanes: beware good intentions!Local authorities and road planners may be full of good intentions when putting in cycle lanes and paths, but there is a long way to go, says Marcus Jones, principal...
  • Van Wylick Qits road stud installation equipment Effective demarcation boosts traffic safetyEffective demarcation can play a crucial role in boosting safety for road users. Good demarcation is vital on a road network to help ensure that drivers stay in the correct...
  • Figure 1: Comparison of the energy in KJ Comparing US and European crash barrier standardsComparing US and European crash barrier protection standards highlights key differences in vehicle types - *Luigi Grassia, *Mauro Corsanici. Most of the crash cushions...
  • Testing of barriers Revising barrier regulations?The passive safety market is complex, with regulations forming an important part of the picture - Thomas Edl explains. Passive safety systems are crucial for road...
  • PREALUX barriers event PREALUX runs barrier safety eventItalian road safety technology specialist PREALUX recently ran an event presenting key issues for the market. This focused on vehicle restraint systems (VRS) and the...
  • road safety barrier New barriers coming to market worldwideEuropean and US manufacturers traditionally hold strong positions in the global market for road safety barrier systems. The strength of the European and US testing systems...
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