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Road markings, barriers & workzone protection

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  • transition barrier system M1 motorway safety benefits from transition barrier useTemporary transition solutions for roadworks areas improve safety for personnel and drivers. A new temporary transition barrier system has been put to use successfully on...
  • Responsive roadsign developed by studentA UK student hopes his new lenticular road signs which 'pulse' at drivers will lead to a revolution in the way motorists are given information on the roads. Meanwhile, a...
  • Electric priority lane with electric car All-new road markings on world's highwaysRoad marking manufacturers have many innovative new products either currently being used on major highways or set to be made available within the next couple of years. Guy...
  • post protection systems on guard rails Proven safety barrier installation practicesBarrier selection criteria should pay close attention to risks for stretches of road as well as regulations. Roadways need to have barriers to provide passive protection for...
  • Highway Resource Solutions avatar Eradicating work zone dangerNew safety systems for highway work zones are helping to reduce deaths and injuries in the United States, while much work is being done in Europe to improve work zone safety....
  • Atkins roadworker team Easing temporary highway dangerSome of the latest speedometer technology has been successfully trialled in French highway work zones, while tireless work continues across Europe and the United States to...
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