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Borum draws the line with its self-propelled BM 2500

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A masterstroke: the Borum Master 2500 has it covered
The Borum Master 2500 is the latest member of Borum’s range of self-propelled line-marking machines designed for flexible working.

The BM 2500 has a one-seat drive-and-operator section that is slideable for flexible working on the left or right side.

From city areas to urban and interurban roads, the Borum Master 2500 can handle both smaller jobs and longer road stretches. It allows for thermoplastic capacities up to 350 litres, 2-component cold plastic or cold paint capacities of 440 litres and for two colours cold paint, also 2 x 220 litres.

The manufacturer says that the machine’s big wheels to ensure stability and excellent steering of the machine. Large doors allow easy access for servicing the engine.

To ensure utmost productivity, the Borum 2500 is equipped with the new generation of Borum’s LineMaster computer. The LineMaster is attached to the operator's section of the machine and gives full control of all line marking tasks, from line application and pre-marking to reporting and invoicing.

The display’s size has been set to 203mm in order to maximise sight capabilities and comprise all task related info. The display generates a sharp image, whether in bright sunshine or in the dark. The computer’s large square buttons allow the operator to easily navigate the computer’s menu while keeping sight of the road in front.

Similarly, there is a large control dial - jog wheel – that  makes interacting with the LineMaster computer more intuitive and seamless. All of the important parameters are shown on the screen and can be adjusted during marking.

LineMaster computer gives the operator control of up to six paint or spray guns, six bead guns and equipment with up to 24 shutters. Moreover, it controls all these various sets of equipment in this one unit.

Before going on the road, the operator can program the LineMaster computer with the lines that to be applied. It is possible to store up to 99 line types and arrange these in up to 30 marking programmes to adjust the machine for different types of roads, such as highways and country roads.

An alarm can be set to notify the driver that the level of material is too low. The level of material is calculated by manually entering the expected line-thickness and amount of material put in the material tank. This approximates the material consumption as well as when the level of material in the tank is too low.

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