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Amey installing LED luminaires in a 3-year contract in Manchester

First publishedin World Highways
2017 November December
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Amey is lighting up Manchester
Amey has begun work in the UK city of Manchester replacing traditional discharge lamps with 56,000 LED luminaires in street lights under a three-year contract.

Amey said that the LED lights will deliver significant energy and carbon emissions reductions, being around 60% more energy efficient. They provide more robust in-light service and improved colour recognition qualities with significantly reduced maintenance activities and running costs.

Amey estimates that the upgrade will cut more than 7,000tonnes of carbon emissions each year and save the council more than €2.2 million in energy costs annually.

The LED lighting will be complemented by a dynamic remote monitoring and control system with the ability for the city to better manage and control its infrastructure. This will allow the council to take up smart city opportunities in the future.

This could include real-time on-street messaging linked to the street light control system and the ability to convey public messages and advice related to traffic congestion and issues in parts of the city and to communicate major events. Sensors on lampposts can monitor conditions including air quality and pollution or to provide traffic flow and other data.

Amey’s business director Barry Hale said that the company has installed over 200,000 LED lights across the UK, including the cities of Birmingham and Sheffield and nearby Trafford Borough.

Amey is owned by global Spanish infrastructure group Ferrovial.

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