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Proelectric’s mobile solar lighting unit ProLight passes the test

First publishedin World Highways
October 2017
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Standing tall: ProLight shines in tests
UK solar lighting manufacturer Prolectric said that trials have been successful for its ProLight mobile solar-powered lighting for infrastructure and highways contractors

The ProLight lighting tower has been used in the UK on the A14 and Hinkley Point power generation site, the M1 Smart Motorway and for Scottish Southern Electric power supplier. ProLight comprises a specially-developed trailer-mounted unit with heavy-duty deep-cycle batteries, an array of four 330W solar panels, a 7.5m telescopic mast with a minimum Lux level of 20 and an 10,000-40,000 lumens output.

Every ProLight is fitted with a micro-controller and GPS tracking, so it can be monitored to ensure continued operation, enable on/off times, be adjusted remotely, as well as to record key data such as power generation and consumption.

“We calculate that every ProLight represents an annual saving of around 6tonnes of carbon when compared to the popular VB9 diesel generator,” said Prolectric managing director Chris Williams.

“We were able to develop a trailer light with a solar array three times the power of any other solar light previously available,” said Williams. “We also built in ‘smart’ technology so the unit’s on- and off-times could be controlled automatically and data on power usage and carbon savings is monitored remotely.”

Prolectric is a manufacturer and provider of solar lighting and wind power technologies, based in the UK county of Somerset. The company said that it was the first business to introduce permanent solar-only street lights to the UK market in 2011. There are now more than 3,000 units installed nationally.

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