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27 November 2014

Sumitomo develops larger asphalt paver

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Sumitomo’s paver
Sumitomo's larger, more powerful paver offers increased production
Sumitomo has developed a larger, high performance paver to meet the needs for productive highway class machines in export markets. The new HA90C-2 is based on the earlier HA90C paver, which was only sold in China and also shares a common design and layout with the existing and well-proven HA60C/W. However the new HA90C-2 offers increased production and performance and has two new screeds allowing more paving options.

The firm has recognised that markets outside of Japan favour larger pavers and has developed the new machine from the HA90C to meet this demand, while retaining features such as the innovative overlapping screed system. The new J-2875 screed on the HA90C-2 is a development of the earlier J-3075 screed fitted to the HA90C, but has a wider range of widths available. The new design offers hydraulically adjustable paving widths from 2.8-7.5m, compared to 3-7.5m for the earlier design. This narrower minimum width is of importance as it means the machine is easier to transport. Meanwhile electric heating is offered as an option, in addition to the LPG heating system available for the earlier screed design. Maximum paving width for the HA90C-2 is 9m when the machine is fitted with bolt-on extensions. For the Chinese market, the HA90C-2 has a 200mm longer hopper with its front lowered to 550mm, to suit the larger trucks used by contractors. In addition, the paver can also be fitted with the J-2360 screed, with hydraulically extendable paving widths from 2.3-6m and also offered with electric or LPG heating.

Sumitomo has had sales success with its HA60C/W internationally but has recognised that many customers require a larger highway class machine, which is why this new model has been developed. It retains the firm’s screed concept as this offers a greater range of paving widths than rival models. The innovative overlapping hydraulic extensions mean that the Sumitomo J-Paver screeds can be folded in further and extend more widely than units from competing manufacturers.

Power for the new HA90C-2 comes from a 5.2 litre Isuzu diesel rated at 132kW and which is offered in Tier 4 emissions variants for the US and Europe and Tier 3 versions for other markets. Other important features include dial-type steering controls, new display screens that provide machine health information and improved materials flow between hopper and paving mat.

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