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12 April 2016

Benninghoven’s ‘silent’ mastic plant in demand for city centres

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Daily News
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bauma 2016 Daily News Bennighoven GKL Silent
An electric drive reduces noise emissions from Benninghoven's GKL Silent to below that of a TV

Benninghoven has developed and patented a new system for its mastic asphalt plants which significantly reduces the noise they produce: less than 70dB compared to 100dB normally. The company has sold six of the new GKL Silent machines already to companies in France, Hungary and Norway - all for city centre projects.

“This is the first revolution in mastic asphalt equipment for 20 years,” said Heiko Steidl, Benninghoven’s product manager for asphalt. “No-one has had any new ideas for design developments until now.”

The machine is so quiet that it was difficult to hear it at all amid the noise of bauma, ideal for projects which have to be handled outside normal working hours or for jobs in sensitive locations where potential noise pollution is a problem. The low noise levels have been achieved by switching from a hydraulic direct drive to an electric one. A generator on the back of the machine generates electricity to power the drive which then operates the agitators in the mixer.

Benninghoven supplies its new GKL Silent in sizes between 3.3m3 and 10m3 to be installed on HGVs, trailer beds or articulated trailers.

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