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28 January 2014

Philippi-Hagenbuch Hivol water tanks

First publishedCONEXPO-CON/AGG
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HiVol water tank from Philippi-Hagenbuch
Dusting down: a HiVol water tank from Philippi-Hagenbuch
Specifically developed with a safety focus, HiVol water tanks from Philippi-Hagenbuch (PHIL) are said to provide a design that optimises capacity and enhances travel safety.

Yhey are built for any make or model of off-highway truck, and according to PHIL the HiVol water tank series serves as an ideal solution for a multitude of applications, including dust suppression, fire protection, road construction and wash down.

“Philippi-Hagenbuch calculated the dynamic centre of gravity of the fluid within the tank to engineer the HiVol series with the lowest weight and greatest carrying capacity. This capacity can range up to 60,000 gallons [227,000litres] more than half the capacity of a water tower,” says the company.

“HiVol water tanks are fully customisable to any make or model of off-highway articulated and rigid frame truck, making it easy to convert existing haul trucks into water trucks. For clients in cold weather climates, PHIL offers an insulated version of its tanks, making them versatile for nearly any application and environment.”
Stand: N-10610
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