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Horizons by Yotta

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Take the next step forwards in Asset Management by adopting a whole-life approach with Horizons Visualised Asset Management Software.

Bring any network-referenced data and integrate it with other spatially-referenced datasets and asset data types to create powerful data driven analysis.

Plan multiple scenarios across long term periods to test and deliver the most effective investment and maintenance strategies with powerful and transparent reporting.

Key Features

Intuitive Interface
Horizons is easy to use and navigate, while the analytic interfaces are designed to fit with engineering knowledge and make for easy configuration of analysis. This innovative design dramatically reduces the amount of training required, reducing costs and increasing productivity instantaneously.

Cloud Hosted
As a fully secure hosted service, no IT infrastructure is required other than an Internet connection and web browser, giving you connectivity to your data wherever you are.

Powerful visualisation tools bring your data to life making it easy to see what is happening, both at a network wide level and at a detailed, scheme specific level. View data in mapping, graphical and plan views.

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Video Playback
Import your video imagery to give an extra view of your network. Save time by reviewing sites from your desk, and perform useful tasks like taking measurements or projecting data into the imagery.

Deterioration Modelling

Automatically calculate deterioration models from your historic data, via linear rates, or with your own deterioration equations, as appropriate for each different asset group enabling accurate long term projections and analysis.

Soft Prioritisation
Import non-engineering spatially-referenced data such as collisions, flood risk areas, reactive works, schools and hospitals, traffic volumes etc. and use these within analysis to prioritise schemes based on local priorities.

Scenario Planning
Test long term maintenance strategies based on differing budget profiles and service levels to develop the optimal strategy or business case to justify extra budget need. This allows engineering staff to engage in meaningful discussion with non-technical budget holders, giving them the visibility to see the impact of budget decisions on future network condition. The platform is a powerful tool for budget defence and indeed growth, in the face of strong budget competition from other service areas.

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Powerful reporting allows you to quickly and easily generate simple reports on network condition and assets as well as detailed reports on maintenance need and future budget and condition scenarios.

Import & Export

Tools allow import of common data formats from the user interface, giving flexibility to add new layers of data when you need. All datasets can be simply exported into common formats to allow sharing.

Integration tools and APIs are available to combine Horizons with works ordering systems or CRM systems to ensure it fits centrally within your processes.

Horizons works on any internet enabled device and the interface has been optimised for touch screens ensuring you can access your data wherever you are, whether on site, at home or during a cabinet meeting.

Horizons is delivered as a cloud service and delivered over a web page. Our data centre is secure and accredited to ISO27001 in addition to our robust backup and disaster recovery processes. Individual logins provide secure access which can be limited based on user requirements.

We provide dedicated ITIL aligned support, with a team of knowledgeable staff here to answer your queries and ensure you get the most from Horizons. Yotta are providers of CPD certified trainings.

So, you’re a Maintenance Engineer…
Become more efficient in understanding your network and planning potential schemes with Horizons. Visualise your condition data giving you an easy way to understand your asset condition at a network level and at a detailed section level.

Use visualisations to better understand the data and view historic trends or overlay alongside other data types.  Validate candidate scheme locations against pavement condition and undertake site visits from your desk by using your video imagery.

So, you’re an Asset Manager…

Use Horizons to strategically plan future investment needs and iteratively test different scenarios and strategies with the Analysis engine. Integrate all relevant datasets from condition through to accidents, reactive works, or claims and use these to create local strategies. Whole-life modelling will enable you to test a complete range of long term strategies from understanding future condition against a limited budget, to identifying the budget needed to deliver a particular service level. Report on all your assets and current condition as well as producing strategic reports of future works in a clear and transparent way.

So, you’re a Director…

Horizons will help you engage at all levels, whether cabinet members, the public or departments across your Authority. Clearly show the different options for future maintenance with simple visualisations of data to help justify your business case.

Build robust cases for spend-to-save programmes and show the model of how this will impact future condition. Bring together your whole department by integrating all datasets and showing their importance in facilitating smarter maintenance decisions.

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