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Modelling & Simulation


  • Aimsun Logo Aimsun by TSS-Transport Simulation SystemsThe Aimsun traffic modelling software environment is a mature tool that fully integrates a microscopic and mesoscopic hybrid simulator plus travel demand modelling and macroscopic functionalities - in a single software application...
  • Bentley Logo 240px x 240 LumenRT by Bentley SystemsWith Bentley LumenRT you no longer have to be a computer graphics expert in order to integrate life-like digital nature into your simulated infrastructure designs, and create high-impact visuals for stakeholders.
  • Bentley Logo 240px x 240 OpenRoads ConceptStation by Bentley SystemsJump-start your projects by rapidly creating conceptual designs and improving the decision-making process. OpenRoads ConceptStation offers roadway and bridge design capabilities to help road and land development engineers create intelligent models in context. Explore conceptual design options with...
  • blank white avatar 500 x 250 Autopath by CGS plusAutopath, professional vehicle Swept-path-analysis Software, engineered to meet necessary market...