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Autosign software for U.S. traffic signs and markings is unveiled by CGS plus!

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Camas, Washington, USA (September 16, 2015) – As an industry leading developer of civil engineering and AEC software, a Bricsys partner, and longtime member of the Autodesk Developer's Network, CGS plus is pleased to introduce Autosign, a new addition to its line-up of innovative software solutions for design professionals worldwide.

Autosign is a multi-faceted software that takes sign design and reporting to new levels by allowing users to easily incorporate traffic signs and road markings into their design plans. This is accomplished by eliminating many of the manual steps usually associated with placing signs in designs. Given this, Autosign not only enhances the look and accuracy of designs, but also saves users time thanks to an easy-to-use program that can be integrated into any operation. A special version of the software is now available in the United States, complete with a library of all U.S. traffic signs.

“Autosign offers many timesaving features and enhances the look of your designs.

New levels of accuracy are also added by automating the sign design process, thus eliminating the need to draw signs by hand,” explains Matjaž Šajn, CGS plus Managing Director.

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Autosign offers many unique features and capabilities, so users will appreciate the ability to utilize the following tools:

  • Traffic Signs – Create both conceptual, and physical designs by offering a wide range of options for almost any type of design scenario. Creating detailed road sign reports, complete with user comments, is also possible.
  • Road Markings – Develop (and accurately place) road line and crossroad markings, stripes, ghost

islands hatches, and lane direction arrows using Autosign’s interactive tools.

  • Road Sign Gantry & Sign Portals - Design of road sign gantries is made easier thanks to the various geometrical options and sizes offered to fit a wide range of possible roadway layouts.
  • Customize the geometry of overhead sign supports and edit overhead sign support positions dynamically to accommodate any type of road geometry.
  • 3D Traffic Signs & Road Markings – Create 3D projections of traffic signs, road markings, and/or overhead sign supports on any 3D face surface, CGS plus surface, or AutoCAD Civil 3D surface.
  • Analyze layout designs and inspect sign visibilities in 3D, but also check for other potential problems using a multi-dimensional view.

Availability and Compatibility

CGS plus software is available directly from the company, or from recognized resellers worldwide.