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Introducing customisable, robust, comprehensive and integrated Asset Management Software for Local Authority Bridges and Highway

Asset Management eXpert (AMX) is a unique and innovative solution, enabling customers to fully manage all of their assets. Built using the latest technologies, AMX provides a solution that can cater for every aspect of Asset Management from detailed condition inspections to maintenance optimisation, works ordering and financial management. AMX empowers its users to customise and tailor their own product to meet changing requirements and can be used whenever and wherever it is needed with a desktop application and a mobile solution for laptops, tablets and handheld devices.

AMX is now widely used, across the globe, to manage a diverse range of asset types across various sectors; here are some good reasons why:

Comprehensive and Customisable Asset Records

AMX comes with a highly user-friendly interface, built on over 10 years of experience and client consultation. However, we understand, every customer has their own unique requirements. With its easy and comprehensive customisation tools, AMX users can tailor the system to meet their specific needs. From simple rebranding to adding new asset types, data fields, lookup values, designing forms and generating focused report templates.

Data can be managed using customisable hierarchies, various grouping tools and, where required, assets can have parent/child relationships. Any custom data structures can be supported, for example when managing Lighting assets the concept of lamps, luminaires or LEDs can quickly be added and linked to your lighting assets. AMX customisations synchronise across all range of AMX mobile products.

Inspection Management

AMX can streamline your asset inspections with the ability to define inspection regimes for each asset class, type or even an individual asset. Users can then choose to either manually or automatically schedule the inspections at stock or individual asset level.

Mobile Technology

The majority of our customers have assets that are spread across multiple sites and locations, so our unique AMX Mobile solution is ideal, enabling Inspectors, Contractors and Managers etc. to access the system using a variety of portable handheld devices wherever and whenever they need to.

As an example, clients use AMX mobile to quickly access and complete Inspections. Inspectors can add defects or work required, including images and detailed location data set using the intergrated maps or GPS Data, to produce accurate and timely reports.

Integrated GIS

AMX can embed corporate GIS data and/or use data from Open Street map so that Users can quickly and accurately record, track and search for assets and work items on the user-friendly map interface.

Works Management

Once the defects/work required has been identified, AMX enables Customers to combine and schedule tasks using asset or activity priorities, asset classifications, financial constraints, asset locations or any other local grouping as required. Work is quickly and efficiently allocated to teams and with a single mouse click, customisable works orders can be generated, including maps and images as required to aid in identifying assets or defects.

Financial Planning

As actions are completed, AMX continues to support Users with the ability to manage all financial aspects associated with asset management from simple invoicing to generating detailed forecast and expenditure reports using the live system data.

Reports can include actual and committed costs, split by user defined Cost Codes and Categories and with multiplefinancial year breakdowns.

Furthermore, AMX enables users to manage company finances in the system at both the Asset and Project levels, including Invoices, Payments, Warranties and Contracts.

Life-cycle Planning

Customers can define deterioration models, setup intervention strategies, set budgets and compare multiple treatment options to support business planning.

Individual elements of an asset can be defined or pulled through from inspection pro forma and the relevant deterioration profile set. Comparisons can then be made between multiple strategies at the element; structure or stock level to identify total maintenance costs, intervention points and structural condition over a set time period. Strategies can be compared to find the optimal solution to meet client service levels and constraints.

Reporting Tools

One of the key advantages of AMX is that it can support every aspect of your Asset
Management programme, including the generation of professional tailored reports,
interrogating the live data. Use the suite of pre-defined reports or design and print your own detailed stock or asset level report incorporating graphs, charts, images, maps, tables and text without any need to export data or use external applications.

As an example, customers are using this functionality to support business decisions using reports on stock condition, value and maintenance costs in business cases for projects to upgrade services or facilities. Others use the interrogation facilities to manage KPIs, as in the case of ‘Time to Complete Repair’.

Integration with Existing Systems

AMX has been designed to integrate with all industry standard data sources, with a simple, efficient interface to support both one-off and on-going data synchronisations as required. Administrators can simply select a source from the variety of options available (excel, SQL, ORACLE etc.) and match the data fields. Then run the import/export either manually or automatically as required.

Document Management

We understand that where possible, it is advantageous to hold all your information in one secure location, AMX allows users to do just that. In addition to all the powerful asset management functionality, AMX enables users to manage resources and documentation too.

Customers can manage multiple related files, folders, drawings, codes of practice, invoices and certificates etc. Within the system these files can either be linked to the specific asset they relate to, or in the case of Codes of Practice or User Manuals, they can be stored in the Global Knowledge Base, which can be accessed by all organisation staff.

User Support

AMX comes with our comprehensive suite of user support resources including manuals, online tutorials and, of course, our professional and helpful team as standard with every implementation.