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New release! Aimsun 8.1 developed by TSS-Transport Simulation Systems

Version Aimsun 8.1 of the transport modelling software developed by TSS-Transport Simulation Systems is out and ready for download!

Aimsun 8.1 builds on all of the features already available in Aimsun 8—hybrid microscopic and mesoscopic simulation, travel demand modelling with macroscopic functionalities, OD matrix manipulation tools for super-sized applications—and  makes them more user-friendly than ever.

Visualisation has been a major focus for the TSS development team: as well as better looking drawing, you can also enjoy much more powerful view modes that are completely intuitive to access, work with and customise.

The new Geometry Configurations feature means that it is easier than ever to compare future alternative scenarios when working on projects: now you can keep multiple geometries in a single Aimsun file, add as many configurations as you like and activate them in different scenarios with a single mouse click. Coupled with the Revisions feature, Geometry Configurations provides a powerful and flexible framework for version control, and elimination of errors and duplications

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