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Topcon Announces Release of DynaRoad Version 5.4

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DynaRoad Topcon Multiple Map View
For the best part of a decade, DynaRoad has been helping project owners and contractors alike to reach productivity levels they have never known were possible before.

This is due to the fact that the software market is traditionally dominated by big names but they do not solve the constructability issues involving the movement and management of earth material as DynaRoad does.

The new and improved version of DynaRoad includes a number of major enhancements that are highlighted below. Enjoy!

Multiple Map View

The value of this new function is the ability to insert multiple PDF files to your schedule as seen in photo.

Planned construction work and the progress of completed work can be displayed in each individual PDF which is particularly helpful in presenting information on large infrastructure projects.

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DyanRoad Graphic Scheduling in Map View

Graphic Scheduling in Map View

We have taken a great function from the time location diagram and applied it to the map view. Dependencies can be drawn precisely from one or more tasks to another simply by using your mouse (see image):

DynaRoad 5.4 in German

We are delighted to announce DynaRoad 5.4 is now available in German for the DACH region.

The German language version of DynaRoad 5.4 is the perfect fit for Sitelink and machine control customers in Germany looking to improve their productivity levels while reducing their overheads.

Importing actual hauls through Sitelink3D with data generated and stored by the HT30 unit on dumper trucks gives a totally new meaning to the popular slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik.”

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DynaRoad one way road functionailty

Optional One-Way Road Hauling Functionality

This great new function improves the planning of mass haul material by allowing hauled material to be moved in one direction only. This is particularly helpful when working in environments that only allow hauls up or down a road. Narrow tunnels or between existing lines of traffic spring to mind.

Improved Visibility of Suitable Haul Material

This new function gives a quick and simple overview of suitable haul materials in the task properties dialog. This will assist the planner, scheduler or project engineer in identifying and understanding the haul material alternatives he or she has at his or her disposal.