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  • Vietnam highway project completed by OHL

    Work is now complete on the US$76.3 million highway project providing a key link between the North and the South of Vietnam at Da Nang city. This 13km project was carried out by Spanish contractor OHL...

    Published: 08/09/2017

  • Hanoi in Vietnam to benefit from new bridges

    The Vietnamese city of Hanoi is set to benefit from a series of bridge construction projects, which are intended to reduce the city’s chronic traffic congestion. These new bridges will span the Red Ri...

    Published: 04/09/2017

  • Vietnam highway building being speeded up

    Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport is to prioritise construction of the new North-South Expressway. The project will provide a much improved connection between the country’s north and south, speeding tra...

    Published: 28/08/2017

  • Vietnam’s road safey shows continued improvement

    Road safety in Vietnam is showing continued signs of improvement, a major step forward in Asia where road crashes are a serious problem. Across most of Asia, road deaths are increasing as vehicle owne...

    Published: 01/08/2017

  • Vietnam plans bridge link upgrade

    A bridge project is being planned in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City that will span the Saigon River. The project is for the Thu Thiem 4 Bridge, which will measure 2.16km and connect District 2 with Distri...

    Published: 17/07/2017

  • Concern at high rate of crashes in Asia

    There is concern at the high rate of road crashes across Asia. An increase in vehicle ownership has seen congestion grow in many Asian cities.

    Published: 13/07/2017

  • Vietnam’s road safety is now improving steadily

    Improvements in road safety continue to be seen in Vietnam. In the six months from January to June 2017, there were around 9,500 traffic crashes reported in Vietnam, a drop of 636 from the same period...

    Published: 10/07/2017

  • Vietnam’s north-south highway being planned

    Plans are being formalised for Vietnam’s massive North-South Expressway project. The tolled route will stretch 1,372km and the project will be split into 20 separate sections, with the work being carr...

    Published: 09/06/2017

  • Vietnam’s north-south highway project gathers pace

    The proposed north-south highway project in Vietnam is gaining traction, with financing options now being considered. The Vietnamese Government is investigating a suggestion by the country’s central b...

    Published: 05/06/2017

  • Myanmar’s growing road safety problem

    Myanmar has a growing road safety problem, an issue becoming apparent as its economy gradually improves. The gain in prosperity in the country has seen a growth in vehicle numbers from 4 million in 20...

    Published: 22/05/2017