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  • The market is due for a slowdownThere is nothing that fuels economic uncertainty like economic uncertainty. Lack of confidence amongst investors ensures a reluctance to invest, and...
  • Are road tolls the economic answer?Tolling has been widely promoted as the answer to future road needs by many economists. The fundamental principle of a toll road is comparatively...
  • US highway bill finally receives approval by governmentAfter a long series of delays, the US Government has finally managed to agree the latest highway reauthorisation bill. This comes after numerous...
  • Future funding crisis looms?From the UK's Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) comes data revealing a future funding crisis many governments will face. The IFS study, commissioned...
  • Managing traffic demand is crucialCongestion charging can be an effective measure to aid traffic management in major cities. As vehicle use continues to grow worldwide, and fastest of...
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