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  • Volvo cars are no electric dreamThe recent news that Volvo will stop manufacturing cars powered purely by internal combustion engines and build only electric vehicles or hybrids by...
  • Tolling model for funding road developmentRoad tolling is being used worldwide as a way to develop highway infrastructure, with road users paying for access. Tolled roads are not a new...
  • Urban gridlock for UK capital?The UK's capital London suffers from some of the worst traffic congestion in Europe, with only Moscow registering far worse conditions on a regular...
  • Road casualty rate increases in NetherlandsThe recent news that the road casualty rate in the Netherlands has seen an increase should ring alarm bells in many areas. It is worth bearing in...
  • Poor road safety causes too many deathsRoad safety is an issue that rarely grabs headlines, although it is something that affects people around the globe. Road deaths account for a...
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