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  • Holiday traffic jamsIn the Northern Hemisphere the summer means time for families to head off on holiday. At this time of year, many busy routes become jammed as...
  • Climate change is damaging roadsWith 2018 well under way, the ravages of extreme weather in recent months is now sadly apparent on the road network in many countries, and even on...
  • Business confidence in constructionBusiness confidence is strong in the global construction equipment market at present. Manufacturers of machines around the world, as well as...
  • Driverless vehicles -safe at any speed?The development of driverless vehicles is ongoing, with manufacturers in the US, Europe, Japan, South Korea and China all working on various...
  • Funding the future for road developmentOnce again the spectre of future road funding has raised its ugly head. The US administration has announced plans for a massive redevelopment...
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