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15 July 2016

Bridge book from Acrow Engineering

First publishedon www.WorldHighways.com
Bridge engineering specialist Acrow Bridge is publishing a handbook explaining selection of an Acrow bridge. The publication covers the various design characteristics and requirements of ordering and installing an Acrow 700XS Bridge. The firm offers bridges based around a modular steel concept, which can be used for either temporary or permanent use and for lightweight pedestrian/cycle traffic or passenger cars and heavy vehicles. The components are galvanised and have a long design life of at least 75 years according to the firm. Assembly is using bolts and pins, without welding and the components can be re-used. The Acrow American Engineering unit Handbook-5th Edition covers the latest improvements recently made to the Acrow 700XS Modular Bridging System. Dimensions and design factors are expressed in American engineering units. The bridging systems are designed and engineered to carry highway and pedestrian loadings as specified by the American AASHTO bridge design code, and comply with other national standards, including European, British, and Canadian, as well as Military Tri-Lateral specifications.
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