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Transport corridors to help deliver shared prosperity

First publishedin World Highways
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Leading actors set the stage at the European Road Conference, October 22nd -24th in Dubrovnik, Croatia

South East Europe is at an important crossroads in the development of its transport connectivity programs, securing a critical role as a gateway for international trade routes.

At a time of growing motorisation, the region’s network of roads and highways is currently its largest public asset. However, significant challenges remain to enhance the safety, efficiency, environmental sustainability and resilience of the road network, underscoring the value of enhanced regional cooperation.

Organised by key representative groups amongst the roads and mobility sector, the European Road Conference "Corridors for Shared Prosperity & Sustainable Mobility" provides an essential platform to deepen the understanding of regional mobility challenges. The event will also help to achieve consensus on key policy, investment and planning measures.

“We have designed this event with the idea of providing a setting for sharing proven and innovative solutions for the region’s mobility challenges," noted Washington-based IRF Global president & CEO C Patrick Sankey. “With this conference, our goal is to help policymakers, planners and infrastructure operators across Europe and neighbouring countries translate these challenges into concrete policy and planning decisions”.

Notable Speakers:

Josip Skoric
Croatia Roads     

Andrzej Maciejewski

Ulrich Paetzold
Director General

Thierry Goger
Secretary general

Ioannis Dimitropoulos
The World Bank

Partner workshops announced

Two special interest workshops will provide delegates with opportunities to explore the conference themes in greater detail.

The US-based Transportation Research Board (TRB) is co-sponsoring a one-day workshop titled “Traffic Signs & Pavement Markings: International State of the Art on Policies & Research” on the opening day of the Conference.

The workshop will bring together three TRB Standing Committees dealing with Visibility, Traffic Control Devices, Signing and Marking Materials, in an effort to foster international consensus on best practices in driver information systems and lay the scientific groundwork for future interactions with connected and autonomous vehicles. Topics addressed will include the role of markings and signs in a changing societal and technological environment, good maintenance practices and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.

Meanwhile, the European Road Assessment Programme will present a workshop titled “Assessing Risk on Danube Area Roads” focusing attention on the newly launched RADAR project whose main goal is the improvement of the region’s road networks, by raising capacity and enhancing transnational cooperation in the sector, for all road users, with particular attention for vulnerable road users, on the Danube’s major, secondary and tertiary road network.

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