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Towed Away

First publishedin World Highways
September 2017

A driver in the UK provided a great source of entertainment to drinkers in a pub recently. The man was towing a caravan through a narrow gap between two buildings with his SUV when he realised that the caravan was slightly too wide. Frustrated, he hit the accelerator and spun the wheels of his vehicle, succeeding only in wedging the caravan more tightly in the space, as well as breaking off a drainpipe. Getting out of the car to inspect the caravan more closely, he removed the broken piece of drainpipe and then got back into the driving seat. He reversed his SUV but by now, the caravan was too tightly wedged to move. Encouraged by the drinkers in the nearby pub, the man then put his car into forward gear and, having backed up a little, accelerated forwards, succeeding in ripping the chassis of the caravan from under the body. This triggered hilarity amongst the drinkers, at which point the driver impolitely asked the person filming the incident to turn off his camera. How the driver managed to remove the wreckage of the caravan has not been revealed.

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