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11 September 2018

Kenya road surfacing contract awarded

First published18/09/2018
Road surfacing work worth US$150 million will be carried out in Kenya on the routes connecting Modogashe to Habaswein and Samatar as well as Rhamu to Mandera. The work involves surfacing a total of 143km of roads. This will be carried out jointly by Hass Consortium-GVR Infra and Shandong Hi-Speed Nile Investment Company, supported by the Stanbic Bank of Kenya. The contract will take 30 months to complete, while Shandong Hi-Speed Nile Investment Company also has a deal for the PPP package that involves maintaining the roads over a 10-year period. Stanbic Bank and China Exim Bank are partnering to deliver a financing package. The package of works is one of many that the Kenyan Government is awarding for road maintenance. In all some 10,000km of roads will be maintained in the country.
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