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Slurry sealing options with sophisticated new machines

First publishedin World Highways
May 2017
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Macropave 12E from VSS
The new Macropave 12E from VSS offers high performance
New technologies and more efficient have also been developed for slurry sealing applications. Bergkamp is introducing the M310CS truck-mounted slurry seal and micro surfacing paver, with power coming from its Tier 4 emissions compliant truck engine. With PTO-driven hydraulic pumps, the M310CS has eliminated the need for a side engine. This reduces exhaust emissions, noise and vibration. The M310CS is features the sophisticated electronic mix control and diagnostic (EMCAD) system, which is designed to manage power inputs and electronically control material outputs to maintain the mix design.

The proven EMCAD System displays current and average material ratios, total material used and material application rates. The firm says that this allows operators to calibrate the machine, control production rates and simplify maintenance. The EMCAD package can produce on-demand reports to track production for individual sections of the job, or the entire job, via an onboard printer. Operators can evaluate these printouts and make the necessary adjustments to more efficiently run the machine and calculate the bottom line.

Meanwhile VSS Macropaver its latest Macropaver 12E, which was first devised as a rugged and reliable large production machine for slurry seal and micro-surfacing. The firm says that this latest version is one of the fastest, most flexible and cost-effective machines in the road maintenance industry.

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Bergkamp’s new machine
Effective operation is claimed for Bergkamp's new machine
The machine is powered from the truck engine through a Power Take Off (PTO) drive. The PTO drive automatically engages and disengages with main start and the system provides a much quieter operation. This model provides the same high production rate as the Model 12D, regardless of the road grade, but with lower fuel consumption.

The firm says that the Macropaver 12E includes a number of ergonomic improvements to the operator station. These include an updated, easier to read monitoring panel, angled towards the operator, an ergonomically designed joystick and keypad mounted, control switches, with pictorial labelling.

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