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Sumitomo machine for Swiss paving work

First publishedin World Highways
July August 2019
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The Swiss contractor has used its Sumitomo pavers to carry out paving during the night, minimising traffic disturbance
A contractor in Switzerland is making good use of an asphalt paver supplied by Japanese manufacturer Sumitomo. The firm, SAISA, carried out road repaving work in Bellinzona, the capital of Switzerland’s Canton Ticino. The historic town of Bellinzona lies in the south of Switzerland, close to the border with Italy and is a popular destination for tourists.

Using the HA60C paver from Sumitomo, the firm was able to repave 2km of the road surface. The machine paved two lanes, with a width of 5.8m and laid down first a binder course and then a wearing course of a special low noise mix. This was laid on top of the original base course, which had not been removed as it was still in good condition.  The original binder and wearing course were no longer considered able to meet requirements however and had been milled off previously using conventional planing equipment.

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Optimum paving quality was achieved using the Sumitomo machines by the Swiss contractor
To ensure the new surface remained homogenous and offered optimum quality, SAISA equipped the paver with the latest heat scanning technology. This allowed the firm to ensure that there was no heat segregation in the mat and also helped to make the compaction operation more efficient. Conventional levelling sensor systems were utilised to ensure the surface met the client’s requirements for surface smoothness. Much of the work was carried out during a night-time possession, so as to minimise the disturbance to traffic at peak periods.

Now that the road has been repaved, it offers a better road surface for drivers, while also generating lower noise levels.

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