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24 August 2016

Mexico looks to P3 for four road maintenance deals in 2017

First published19/08/2016
Mexico will set up four road maintenance tenders worth nearly US$827 million in total as public-private partnerships in 2017.

Contracts will cover the road projects Piramides-Tulancingo-Puebla, Matehuala-Saltillo, Saltillo-Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo and Texcoco-Zacatepec, according to the El Economista newspaper.

The Secretariat of Communications and Transport, which will organise the work, said it has already launched two bidding processes for the maintenance of Coatzacoalcos-Villahermosa and Queretaro-San Luis Potosi roads.

Twelve companies, some international, were interested in the 10-year contracts and they included Omega, Prodemex, Mota-Engil, Acciona, Epccor or Coconal. Contracts will be awarded next month and likely total around $214 million.

Earlier this year the secretariat said that Mexico is on track to complete works on 20 new motorways and 26 additional roads by the end of 2016. Mexico’s sub-secretary of infrastructure, Raul Murrieta Cummings, announced in February that $3.3 billion would be spent on road infrastructure projects during 2016.

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